Fashion Talks - Summer vibes

Ready for summer? Let's see some inspirational clothes and accessories perfect for the sunny and  styliest season of the year.
Fashion talks about Summer vibes from Dresslily, an international online fashion clothing and accessory store.

Down below my selection:

Tropical Print Wrap Around Romper
Flower Print Flounce Padded Bikini
Drawstring See Thru Two Tone Cover Up
Round Shaped Retro Straw Crossbody Bag
Ribbon Bowknot Straw Floppy Sunhat
Elephant Moon Design Layered Necklace
Stylish Rhinestone Arrow LOVE Alloy Bracelet Set

They sent me a coupon code for you guys: DLGO20

• for all order with over 30$ save 6 $ 
• for all order with over 50$ save 10$
• for all order with over 80$ save 16$
• for all order with over 100$ save 20$
• for all order with over 150$ save 30$
• for all order with over 200$save 40$
• for all order with over 300$ save 60$

2 commenti:

  1. Belle le borse di rafia!!! Quest'anno ne voglio almeno due, ho questo desiderio dall'anno scorso.

  2. Whoah! Thank you for these inspirations, I really wanna be summer ready <3

    Only Yesterday


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